Dream Defenders 2012

We are the sons and daughters of slaves and farm-workers. We are Dreamers and the products of a generation that had a Dream. We are ‘We Shall Overcome’ and ‘Si se puede!’ We are Phoenix and Selma, the Freedom Rides & the Trail of Dreams, Suffrage & Solidarity.

We are products of a dream deferred. We are witnesses to a dream damaged and destroyed. We are Florida and Alabama. We are diverse: students, alumni, black, brown, and white, young and old. We are dedicated to defending the dream etched in our memories by Malcom/Garvey/Huey/King/Assata. A dream of freedom in our lifetime.

We are a generation of world changers, writers, readers, rebels, marchers, dreamers, leaders, thinkers, organizers and activists. We are aware and we are angry. This revolution cannot be reposted or retweeted. Our legacy will be defined by decisive action.

We are a growing coalition of youth and students committed to replacing jails with schools, ending the illegal war on the undocumented, dismantling the systems that criminalize our people and fighting self-determination for our communities and peoples!

Our future depends on it. Our time is now, as it was for the youth that fought for equal rights just a few short decades ago. How many of our black & brown youth have to die? The torch is ours. The time is now.

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