June 20th – Tampa Dream Defenders will Call/Show Sen. Marco Rubio What CIR Is!

Tampa Dream Defenders is at it again!

For those of you who do not know, the Senate is currently packing the House with arguing and bickering about Comprehensive Immigration Reform – or CIR. CIR could either make life easier for all 11 million undocumented immigrants or make things worse (amping up the militarization at the border). Florida’s Senator Marco Rubio is an integral part of this conversation – he is part of the Gang of 8 and he also happens to be a Republican who has more than once expressed very anti-immigrant sentiments.

This Thursday, June 20th Tampa Dream Defenders and allies will be pushing Senator Marco Rubio to listen to what we, the People of Tampa want out of CIR. June 20th, the Legalization for All network is calling on all current endorsers and supporters of an all-inclusive legalization for all immigrants to participate!

Our event will take place outside of Rubio’s office! For futher details and to rsvp click the official event: HERE.

Read more about the call to action for June 20th below.


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National Call-In Day for Immigrant Rights

Thursday, June 20 Demand: Legalization For All!

Make Three Calls:

  1. Call the two US Senators for your state. Find their phone numbers here: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm
  1. Call the US Representative in your district by putting your zip code in the box in the upper right corner of this page:http://www.house.gov/representatives/

Sample Text:

“Dear Senator __________”

My name is __________, and I am calling from city and state, to ask that you support legalization now, end the militarization of the border and use of drones, and stop the deportations!”

Please be polite to the people answering the phones and ask them to write down your information and your three demands for the Senator or Representative to see.

An Explanation Of Our Demands

Comprehensive Immigration Reform is being debated in the Senate, with Republicans proposing to increase boarder militarization even more! It is up to us, the people, to demand: 

1.  Legalization Now!  Ten years is too long!
The current Senate bill has a ten-year wait for undocumented to become legal permanent residents. This and other barriers will exclude many from legalization. Tell your Senators to vote 
AGAINST Florida Senator Rubio’s amendment requiring undocumented immigrants be proficient in English.

2.  No more militarization of the border!  No drones!
Right now hundreds of immigrants are dying trying to cross the border because the militarization of the border drives people to harsh desert areas. The current Senate bill will lead to military drones flying over millions of Americans who live within 100 miles of the border, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Tell your Senator to oppose even more government surveillance. With the U.S. government already tracking our phone calls and emails, we do not want drones watching us around the clock.

3.  Stop the Deportations!
Under the Obama administration, there are record numbers of deportations.  Tell your Senators to support a moratorium on deportations while the legalization process is starting. Why should the government deport more people and tear apart families who will become legal residents?

Join us on Thursday, June 20, Call US Senators and Representatives

Please send us an email with feedback about your Call-In experience to LegalizationForAll@gmail.com

Or directly message us at our Facebook: facebook.com/LegalizationForAll

Our emailing address is:

#StopTheDeportations #LegalizationForAll
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