¡Licencias De Conducir Para Todos Los Indocumentados!

Licenses For All Flyer

Licenses For All Flyer

With recent proposals around Comprehensive Immigration Reform, many of us have decided to take matters into our own hands to push for an all-inclusive, agenda. As it currently stands, our nation only has TWO existing states that offer licenses for undocumented immigrants: Washington State and New Mexico. On April 18th, we will be moving full force to add Florida to that list!

The State of Illinois starting January 2013, is in the middle of becoming the 3rd State to offer licenses for undocumented immigrants!

Florida has approximately 1.5 million undocumented immigrants. Requirements for licenses make it impossible for an undocumented immigrant to obtain one.

Taken from floridadmv.org

Taken from floridadmv.org

The majority of immigrants do not own this type of “permission” to be in this country. Seeing as how the United States is home to over 11 MILLION undocumented immigrants, today licenses for all could add more jobs but more importantly, solve the issue of this country’s excessive $1.3 BILLION SPENDING on Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). Most undocumented immigrants work, attend school and must drive to do these tasks. When pulled over, an undocumented immigrant could face YEARS in jail or even be deported!

NEXT Thursday, April 18th at 9:00 am we will be flooding the City Council Meeting after adding “Licenses for All” to the agenda.
The location of this City Council Meeting is 800 E. Twiggs St. Tampa, FL 33602.
Join us as we present our demand and gain support!

THEN at 6:00 pm, same day, place and location we will be uniting with the community, students, workers and all supporters to fully push for LICENSES FOR ALL. The 6:00 pm rally and march will include us delivering signed petitions from our community supporters! JOIN US.

Endorsers Currently Are
Tampa Bay SDS
ACLU of Tampa

List of Speakers Are
Paola – ACLU
? – M.E.T.A

For the official facebook page click here:


If you are interested in endorsing or have Q’s:

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