Women Power

by Tefa

Now more than ever, women have begun to recognize the intersection of gender and class oppression. We have a name for it: patriarchy. Now we can study it, strategize, and make it bow to our magical vaginas.

I chose three women of particular importance in my life, and used their photography to represent our struggle. Not only do I identify them as women, but also as artists, workers, students, and inspiring activists in the state of Florida. They each give us an example of what a strong, empowered woman looks like. They use their power to inspire allies and demand JUSTICE FOR ALL.

I also used a newspaper called “Fight Back Florida.” This paper features women on every page fighting for human rights. They resist foreclosures, organize strikes, advocate for the victims of racism, and call attention to the ways our governments and corporations try to silence activists.

I started with just a recycled sign from a 9/11 anti-war protest that took place here at USF. It read “This Jewish woman stands in solidarity with her Muslim neighbors,” and the back still reads “Free speech, No more hate.”

Paint, newspaper, recycled signs, and photos come together to give life and meaning to this piece. If you look closely, you can see an immense history of the work of empowered women and their allies. We need women like this to make our voice loud enough for everyone to hear. They bring to the masses messages of equality, freedom, the right to self determination, and justice for farm workers. I could go on and on, but I’ll end with an excerpt from what the Dream Defenders sang at Rick Scott’s State of the State address on May 2012:

“We who believe in equality cannot rest,

We who believe in equality cannot rest until it is won

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