Están Invitados! You’re Invited!

What: Tampa Dream Defenders – Licenses for All Kick-Off Party!
When: THIS Saturday, March 30th
Time: 7:00 pm – 12:00 am
Location: El Rincon Catracho 5901 N. Florida Ave. Tampa, FL 33612
Cost: FREE!
Tampa Dream Defenders is formally inviting you to party with us! We have started our newest campaign to DEMAND LICENSES FOR ALL UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS!

It’s been centuries since immigrants from European nations decided to colonize, pillage and displace millions of other nations into the now-United States. The history books that are used to teach these stories tell nothing of the true horrors caused by these actions.

So why after 1492, are the majority of laws and regulations against immigrants? There are only TWO states that grant licenses for immigrants: Washington State and New Mexico. Utah grants permits. In January of 2013, the state of Illinois decided to rise up against this injustice. And they won! Immigrant Rights activists decided enough was enough; the time had come to demand Legalization for All! “Give us our licenses!” And they won! The state of Illinois is currently drafting a new law where like Washington and New Mexico, undocumented immigrants will be able to drive without the fear of being harassed, tortured, locked up and then deported due to driving without a license.

Truth is: the majority of deportations are based on the excuse that immigrants are driving without a license. So why not give all undocumented immigrants licenses so they don’t have to be deported on that excuse?! Because Secure Communities trains and works shoulder-to-shoulder with local law enforcement, and the FBI they are able to train and target anyone who, “Might look like an immigrant.” Pulling over anyone they deem as “suspicious” is then asked to show their license…which will eventually lead to an arrest, imprisoning (for unspecified amounts of time) and eventually deportation.

So what’s wrong with all this? EVERYTHING. Undocumented immigrants who obtain an arrest for driving without a license, once released and if they do everything by the book when trying to re-enter the US will NEVER, EVER be able to become a US Citizen (or to enter again for that matter). A record like that does not demonstrate what Congress and many anti-immigrant laws call, “A demonstration of being a good, law-abiding citizen.” Plainly put, it is racism hard at work.

Just a few days ago, Channel Fox 13 announced that our very own Hillsborough County had awarded licenses for immigrants! We were excited to hear…but then we quickly found out immigrants meant CANADIANS. Why the preferential treatment? “If we granted licenses for all immigrants, the Hillsborough economy would rise DRAMATICALLY,” says Tampa Dream Defender Lurvin Lizardo. Lurvin herself is an immigrant from Honduras. She has been working around the TPS status which makes her and thousands of other Honduran immigrants remain in an indefinite limbo, non-citizen status.

April 30th will mark the beginning of this battle, and you are invited to formally kick it into gear!! Come show your support by dancing the night away and donating to all who were willing to put on this fun-filled night COMPLETELY FREE of charge. #BeThePower

More Event Details:

*Photo Booth: you will be able to take FREE photos!
*Prizes and raffles: all gifts and prizes are from LOCAL businesses who support Legalization for All and our upcoming campaign!

The line-up is as follows:
7pm – Evolucion Musikal will be opening the night!
Band’s Facebook here:
-9pm – DJ collective will be performing and ending the night!!
DJ collectiv’s Facebook here:
Questions? Comments?
Facebook GROUP here.

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